Westwood PGC - 300Ltr Powered Grass Collector

£545.00 inc VAT£454.17 excl VAT

Product Description

A Westwood powered grass collector connects to the tractor's power take-off, driving a spindle of brushes that sweep the grass cuttings from your lawn and into the hopper. A heavy roller, mounted to the rear of the collector, produces the classic 'Westwood' stripe on a formal lawn.

Many Westwood owners employ their Westwood tractors in the autumn to mow, mulch and collect fallen leaves in a fraction of the time taken with a conventional lawn rake.

To empty the grass collector, simply reverse up to your compost heap, then lift and pull the empty handle. The gaping action of the collector ensures that all the material is ejected from the hopper quickly and efficiently. Selected tractor models feature 'push button' emptying - a totally effortless way to empty the collector.

Westwood believe that there is no quieter or more efficient collection system available on the market today.

Suitable for all S & T servies tractors