At Horace Fuller, we provide lawnmower servicing for our customers on a whole range of different models including: 

  • Ride-On’s
  • Electric
  • Petrol
  • Mulching
  • Rear rollers

No matter what model of mower you own, our team is more than qualified to deal with any small or large issue you may be experiencing with your machine. We provide lawnmower servicing via our in-house workshops and these are run by our team with 150 years of expertise and experience between them. 

Our normal repair time is one week but this may vary depending on the time of year. If you would like to bring your machine into us there is no obligation to pre-book, just rock up and leave us with your mower whenever you are passing by one of our branches. 

We provide a popular collection and delivery service throughout the majority of the Sussex and Surrey area. If you are unsure whether this includes you then please contact us separately or complete the form below and one of our team will let you know. 

To book a lawnmower service through us please fill out the form below so we help keep your machine functioning at optimum levels:

  • Step 1: What do you need?
  • Step 2: What time suits you?
  • Step 3: Your details & confirmation
Important: Please select your location from the list above. We can only collect from these areas.

Please select a preferred date of collection, once submitted we will contact you to confirm these details. We will do our best to accommodate your requested date, but your preferred date may change based on the available collection slots. From the collection date the repair time will normally be within a week.

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Why is lawnmower servicing important? 

We like to compare it to looking after and maintaining your car. Usually, at the first sign of a small blip with your vehicle you would go and get it checked out and serviced, not leave it till the problem intensifies and all of a sudden your car no longer works. It should be the same with lawnmower servicing. 

Most people will wait till their mower has completely failed rather than addressing and repairing a small issue that surfaces in order to prevent bigger problems further down the line. This neglect might be due to the fact they will use their mower less frequently, and as a consequence may not notice when something feels different. Regular lawnmower servicing will help keep on top of any minor issues that crop up and not only increase the longevity and performance of your mower, but lower any repair costs in the near future.

Lawnmower servicing

How often should you consider lawnmower servicing? 

There isn’t a straightforward answer to this question. If you own a mower that is tasked with maintaining a small patch of grass then it will understandably get through less work than a mower in a larger sized garden. That is why it is best to record usage in hours rather than months. 

Standard practice would be to service your mower once a year, no matter the size or engine type of your lawnmower. However, if you are a professional contractor you will want to consider lawnmower servicing on a more frequent basis. Late October-November, the end of the grass growing season, is a great time to service your machine. 

How does lawnmower servicing differ for petrol and electric models? 

A petrol model will always need more attention and servicing than an electric one, but both will require blade sharpening after 25-30 hours of cutting to maintain a sharp and crisp cut during use. All moving parts on a mower should be greased after 50 hours of use. It is also important to ensure that petrol engines receive a regular oil change, but stay clear from using car engine oil because small engines run a lot hotter than cars and require oil that performs at higher temperatures. 

Electric and cordless models still need a seasonal overhaul. In order to prevent risk of overheating it is common practice for our team to remove and clean all moving parts. These movable parts can loosen with vibration after prolonged use which is why we tighten each part in order to ensure maximum safety during operation. 

Do not hesitate to contact us via the form above to utilise our lawnmower servicing expertise so your machine can carry on delivering high quality cuts to your lawn. 

Servicing & Repairs

Horace Fuller Ltd. offers a full workshop facility and are able to repair most makes of machinery. This is also supported by the manufacturers and we are agents for all major makes.

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