The Horsham museum has grown in stature and reputation since its early creation and is still a popular hub for visitors touring Horsham wanting to experience a taste of the town's culture.

A day out to this museum is one that promises to be fun for all age groups. The interior is structured from medieval timber throughout the many galleries that are on offer, and any parties travelling with young kids will not leave underwhelmed due to the various fun and engaging activities on offer. 

Below, we will delve into the story behind the founding of this museum, but you can also visit the website - 

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Early Years

Horsham Museum was founded in 1893 and is located in Causeway House, Horsham, West Sussex in the South East of England. Previously it was based on North Street where collections had been found in a home in the basement of Park House.

It was originally created by volunteers of the Free Christian Church and joined Horsham District Council in 1974. Up to this very day it serves as a strong point of Horsham, showcasing the rich history that the ever-expanding town has to offer. 

A lot has changed since back then. World wars have taken place, six monarchs have sat on the throne and in more recent times the population of Horsham has expanded from a mere 10,000 to over 50,000. 

Throughout all of this one place has remained unlike a number of others. The museum has grown in stature and reputation since its early creation and is still a popular hub for visitors touring Horsham wanting to experience a taste of the town's culture.

Exhibits and Collections

Horsham Museum consists of over 18 galleries, all of which have a large and diverse collection of memorabilia and books. Specifically, there is a significant amount of material relating to poet Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822) who was born in Warnham. Not to mention, books relating to other members of the Shelley family including Mary Shelley. 

Also, Horsham Museum houses a vast collection of prints by local artist John Guille Millais (1865-1931). One of the more poignant displays at the museum is the Millais sculpture of fighting game birds. Horsham dwellers will know the name Millais well of course, being a popular girls secondary school in the area. 

Additionally to the displays, the museum collections also feature the Albery collection and over 2000 books from the archive that can be withdrawn upon request. 

A visit to Horsham museum is not complete unless visitors have experienced the museum garden. Up until 1981, this area was neglected till Friends of Horsham Museum intervened in order to help restore its heritage and beauty. The team have since won an award for their outstanding community service in helping Horsham museum garden return to its once fit state. 

The Place to Be 

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