Westwood T60


£4849.00 inc VAT

  • Model : T60 rear discharge
  • Engine Type : Kawasaki twin cylinder (FS 481V) air cooled OHV
  • Displacement : 603cc (Horse power is no longer quoted)
  • Power : 9.9kW
  • Fuel : Unleaded petrol
  • Engine Oil : 10w30
  • Cutter Deck Size : 42 inch / 107cm
  • Deck Type : XRD, rear discharge
  • Cutting Heights : 9 increments from 12mm to 101mm
  • Dashboard Display Operating Management System
  • Warranty : Manufacturer's 3 year domestic (subject to servicing). 90 days commercial warranty
  • This model replaces the T1600 from October 2014

The Westwood T60 is a mid-range garden tractor, highly capable for most applications across gardens of larger sizes and of various challenging terrains. The new Westwood T60 garden tractor is the ‘stalwart’ of the Westwood range. It is ideal for customers with a large garden who don’t want to compromise the quality of finish for the convenience of a ride-on lawnmower. Fitted with a 107cm (42") XRD cutter deck, the Westwood T60 can operate in conjunction with the PGC+ or as a rough cutter.