Westwood PGC V2550


£869.00 inc VAT

The Powered Grass Collector is also equipped with a steel roller. The roller will produce those classic stripes on your lawn. The rotating brushes do much more than simply collect cuttings - they are the real secret of how to keep a big lawn healthy and handsome. They lift debris, disperse worm cast and inhibit the accumulation of damaging thatch.The Powered Collector is also the fastest way to collect fallen leaves in the autumn or to collect garden debris and litter at any time of the year.

To fit the Westwood V25-50HE and Westwood V23-50D, V230D garden tractors

1 Year Warranty

The world’s most effective collection system. The optional Westwood Powered Grass Collector for the V Series tractor has been specifically designed for the British garden. Connected to the tractor’s power take-off, a spindle of brushes sweep the grass cuttings from your lawn and into the hopper, even when the grass is wet.