Westwood PGC+

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£1050.00 inc VAT

The Westwood PGC Plus grass collector has been improved by the additional of a cassette system for essential accessories including a scarifier and hard surface brush.

A grass sweeper cassette comes as standard with the PGC+. The 51 sweeper brushes will collect grass cuttings, leaves and other debris with a simple mow past.

The Westwood powered grass collector plus connects to the lawn tractor’s power take-off, driving a spindle of brushes that sweep the grass cuttings from your lawn and into the 300l hopper.

A heavy roller, mounted to the rear of the collector, produces the classic ‘Westwood’ stripe on a formal lawn. Many Westwood owners employ their Westwood garden tractors in the autumn to mow, mulch and collect fallen leaves in a fraction of the time taken with a conventional lawn rake.


Suitable for T and F Series Westwood tractors only.

The Westwood PGC+ has been specifically designed for the British garden. This new accessory which is connected to the tractor’s power take-off, allows a range of interchangeable cassettes to be fitted to it, to achieve a range of garden tasks. There is no need to purchase standalone equipment, saving you both time and money.