Mountfield Princess 34

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Mountfield Princess 34 Specification

Net Power Output 1400 watts
Cutting Width 34cm
Cutting Heights 25-75mm (6 Positions)
Cutting Height Adjustment Single Point
Mulching Yes
Roller Yes
Finish Lawn Stripes
Collector Rigid 35 litres
Chassis Polypropylene
Lawn Size 10m x 10m
Safety Features Motor Brake
Cable Length 15 Metre
Home Assembly Required Yes
Warranty 2 Years
dB(A) Rating 90
Weight 13 kg

The Mountfield Princess 34 is one of the most popular choices from their electric lawnmower range. This great mower is quiet, lightweight, and easy to use on small to medium sized gardens courtesy of its 15 metre electric cable.

The Mountfield Princess 34 features a 34cm cutting width, as well as a small integrated rear roller to the rear for that iconic striped finish to your lawn when cutting on a lower cutting height. With six possible heights of cut to choose from, ranging from 25 mm - 75 mm, you can ensure a top-quality finish by choosing your desirable setting by adjusting the single lever located on the side of the machine. This mower also includes a safety break so the blades stop rotating within 3 seconds of the user releasing the switch.

This mower is more environmentally friendly and economical compared to petrol models due to it's 1400 Watt mains electric motor. An electric motor has numerous benefits including no need to change fuel filters, oil or spark plugs, as well as no need to refuel so you can save time and money. Help do your bit for the environment too with the Mountfield Princess 34 emitting zero harmful emissions

Cut the way that suits you and your lawn the best with the collect, discharge or mulch options. The Mountfield Princess 34 features a 35 Litre collector if you would like to collect your grass cuttings, or simply remove the collector to leave the cuttings on your lawn and make use of the grass deflector flap which directs them downwards. Integrate the supplied mulch plug, to finely shred the clippings and dispose of them into the soil to act as a natural fertiliser so your lawn can maintain a healthy condition.