Husqvarna 125B


£249.00 inc VAT


Air flow in housing

13.31 m³/min

Air flow in pipe

12.03 m³/min

Air speed

76 m/s

Air speed (flat nozzle)

76 m/s

Air speed (round nozzle)

58.12 m/s



4.26 kg


Cylinder displacement

28 см³

Power output

0.8 kW

Maximum power speed

8000 rpm

Fuel tank volume

0.5 l

Fuel consumption

575 g/kWh

Spark plug

Champion RCJ6Y

Idling speed

3000 rpm

Electrode gap

0.6 mm

Exhaust emissions (CO2 EU V)

1392 g/kWh[1]


OEM Harness


OEM Nozzle type

Round+ Flat

 Sound and Noise

Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA)

112 dB(A)

Sound power level, measured

109 dB(A)

Sound pressure level at operators ear

94 dB(A)


Equivalent vibration level (ahv, eq) handle

11.1 m/s²

An efficient petrol blower that combines high blowing power with user friendliness. The perfect Husqvarna leaf blower for homeowners. A well balanced lightweight leaf blower that's easy to manouevre thanks to in-lined air outlet.

HU 125B