WD PGC MINI - PGC Westwood Mini S150

A Westwood Powered Grass Collector connects to the lawn tractor's power take-off, driving a...

£450.00 inc VAT£375.00 excl VAT

WD S150H - 500cc Briggs Westwood S150H Mini 30"Combi

Designed to appeal to a wider market, the S150H Mini is considerably narrower than other models...

£3,350.00 inc VAT£2,791.67 excl VAT

WD PGCV50 - 390 Ltr PGC - for V50D + V25-50HE

For the larger westwood range, suitable for all "V" and "D" tractors

£739.00 inc VAT£615.83 excl VAT

WD V230D - 784cc Diesel 50" Combi Deck Garden tractor

Westwood V230D Diesel engined Lawn Tractor with 50 Inch Combi Deck

£9,299.00 inc VAT£7,749.17 excl VAT

Westwood PGC - 300Ltr Powered Grass Collector


£545.00 inc VAT£454.17 excl VAT

WD T50-2WD - 500cc Single Cyl Hydro Westwood 38" XRD

A feature packed garden tractor for gardens of around one acre

£3,855.00 inc VAT£3,212.50 excl VAT

WD T60-2WD - 603cc Twin Cyl Hydro Westwood 42" XRD

A mid-range garden tractor, highly capable for most applications

£4,595.00 inc VAT£3,829.17 excl VAT

WD T80-2WD - 603cc Twin Cyl.Kaw.2WD 48"XRD Deck

Power, refinement and a large 122cm (48") cutter deck as standard

£5,049.00 inc VAT£4,207.50 excl VAT

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