Background on Simplicity

Simplicity ride on mowers are designed to deliver a precise and professional cut with minimum effort courtesy of their unique cutting decks. 
Founded by William J. Niedekerkorn in 1922, this American brand has a rich history when it comes to manufacturing garden machinery. They started building garden tractors in 1939 but had to temporarily halt production during World War II and switch production towards the requirments of the War Production Board. Over the years Simplicity ride on mowers have been produced for various manufacturers and was eventually purchased by Briggs & Stratton in 2005. Nowadays, Simplicity ride on mowers are developed using the latest technology and state-of-the-art engineering techniques. The mower deck moves independently from the lawn tractor and rides on top of full-width rear rollers, which constantly move up and down allowing the blades to maintain a consistent cutting height throughout. The intuitive dash system provides all of the necessary information at a quick glance and ultimately makes cutting grass more enjoyable with such new technologies on display. A dedicated Suspension Comfort System cushions the impact felt by 25% by utilising front and rear springs so mowing large areas on challenging terrains does not seem so daunting. 

At Horace Fuller, we are proud to stock and supply some of the Simplicity ride on mower series to customers in the UK. 

Free delivery to those in West Sussex

If you want to get your hands on a Simplicity riding mower and reside in West Sussex, then we can deliver the mower to your location courtesy of our van delivery service. We can deliver orders to areas outside of West Sussex, but these will be met with a delivery charge. Our team will openly communicate this with you.