DR Power equipment has been manufacturing bespoke mowers and garden machinery since 1985 with the aim of making outdoor work easier and more enjoyable for consumers. 
Established and based in Vermont, USA, DR claim to have utilised their surroundings of rural beauty with knowledge of knowing the difficulties faced caring for and maintaining their own country properties to help create the perfect problem-solving garden power tools. The popular USA brand released their first product over 25 years ago, the Trimmer Mower with the aim to improve upon the hand-held trimmer. Since then, thanks to a talented team of engineers and designers, DR mowers are constantly evolving their manufacturing process and incorporating new, exciting technologies in order to deliver the best performing, unique machines to consumers. They uphold high standards of accountability for their products with each new design requiring thorough testing of prototypes for hundreds of hours before the green light is given for the building to begin and release onto the market. 
Horace Fuller are proud to stock and supply DR mowers from the Vermont based manufacturer, including the innovative field and brush lawn mower range which is designed for heavy duty use on tackling rough ground containing overgrown areas of grass and scrub. Browse the products below to discover which DR mower is best suited for your requirements.