Top 10 Lawnmower Manufacturers

04 October 2021


There is stiff competition in the lawnmower space, with many manufacturers battling against one another in order to appeal to the majority of consumers. Competition is not a negative thing, in fact, it is only benefitting the quality and technological advancements of mowers that are readily available through Horace Fuller.

Below, we outline the top 10 manufacturers of lawnmowers that Horace Fuller stock and supply, and the unique features each brand offers with their models.

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1. Mountfield 

Mountfield have produced a fleet of mowers that cover all bases; whether that’s for smaller sized gardens with a nearby power source, a great fit for an electric mower that offers easy manoeuvrability and quiet noise emission. These also feature a 3-1 functionality so users can choose between collect, mulch or rear-discharge. Similarly, the cordless range is built with a lightweight frame and easy to store away. Mountfield’s petrol range is powered by reliable and durable Honda and Stiga engines which help maintain optimal performance. Those with larger sized gardens will be drawn towards the ride-on fleet which cover bigger areas of land in comfort and collect the grass trimmings with a spacious collector box. 

2. Hayter

Hayter lawnmowers have been granted the royal seal of approval for good reason, often combining traditional craftsmanship with intuitive technologies. Many associate the name, Hayter, with british lawn mowing. Horace Fuller currently stock and supply two of their infamous Harrier models - 56 and 48. Both are equipped with a rear-roller to leave a lawn with the iconic striped finish and can be set at the user’s desired pace with the variable speed function. 

3. Westwood

The Westwood mowers available here at Horace Fuller are all best suited for large sized gardens and areas of land. Ride-on models designed to provide comfort and minimum effort to the user when having to tackle bigger tasks. Each model is equipped with a capacious PGC Plus grass collector which sweeps the grass cuttings and debris into the collector courtesy of the 51 brushes to leave your lawn with a pristine finish.

4. Husqvarna

Husqvarna offers a range of different mowers with various capabilities and advantages depending on the customers needs. Large sized garden owners can opt for the one of the ride-on models which feature a front mounted cutting deck so you can access the tricky parts of a lawn with maximum visibility. Husqvarna also offers a sturdy and reliable fleet of self-propelled, petrol mowers for smaller sized gardens, but most impressively manufacturer automowers for those who do not want to deal with the hassle and effort of cutting the grass. Simply set up the robotic lawn mower with the layout of your lawn's perimeter and the genius machine will take care of the rest. 

5. Stiga

Similar to Mountfield, users are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the perfect Stiga mower for their unique garden. Smaller garden owners can choose between the electric models which will need to be plugged into a nearby power source, or alternatively opt for a petrol or cordless model. Stiga products do not fall short of the technological mark, with some of their available models featuring scarifier and multiclip capabilities. Large sized garden homeowners are also catered for by Stiga with their ride-on fleet models including either front mounted cutting decks or centered cutting decks, depending on the users preference and garden. 

6. Weibang

Weibang lawn mowers emanate from China, Yangzhou, a city rich in horticultural history. Their mowers are claimed to be built with the British public in mind - creating models that can withstand the tough weather conditions. Choose from their smaller petrol powered Legacy and Virtue range which offer great durability, or larger ride-on models such as the Ion 81RC which is battery powered. Weibang also provides two models of lawn scarifier which specialise in creating holes in the soil so water and other essential nutrients can reach grass roots. 

7. AL-KO

German engineering is known for its reliability, and this is evident through AL-KO’s range of lawnmowers. Choose from the well-equipped ride-on models to combat large area gardens and land, or the 4 in 1, small petrol models which give the option to collect, mulch, side-discharge or rear-discharge. AL-KO have also manufactured the Robolinho, its very own robotic lawn mower which, like the Husqvarna range of automower, will do all the hard work for you once set up correctly. 

8. Simplicity

Simplicity riding mowers are perfect for homeowners with large sized gardens wanting to deliver a precise and professional cut with minimum effort and in maximum comfort. Simplicity ensures their fleet of mowers are equipped with the latest technology; evident through the cutting decks which move independently from the lawn tractor and rides on top of the full-width rear rollers, constantly moving up and down allowing the blades to maintain a consistent cutting height throughout operation. 

9. Ariens

Ariens is an American-Wisconsin based manufacturer, first established by Henry Ariens himself. With the family name still printed on every mower they design, build and distribute, this company prides itself on its high-performing machines. Ariens mowers are distinguished by their zero-turn capabilities through left and right wheel drives, allowing users to easily mow areas in tight spaces and close to obstacles. 

10. Cub Cadet 

Similar to Ariens, Cub Cadet is an American based company that specialises in manufacturing ride-on lawn mowers with the zero-turn functionality. The Z series encapsulates this well, covering ground at greater speeds than conventional lawnmowers and allowing the user to manoeurvre well in tight spaces and not leave a blade of grass unattended that is close to obstacles. Other popular features of the Cub Cadet range include the side-discharge and mulch function. 

As you would have noticed from this article, Cub Cadet are certainly not the only manufacturer that produce mowers with mulching capabilities. If you want to know more on why this can be a great advantage for your lawn then check out are piece on what's a mulching lawn mower?

The detailed list above illustrates the vast amount of choice there is for potential new customers. No matter the shape and size of your garden, there is undoubtedly a variety of mowers that are perfectly suited for your unique needs. If you would like any further information and expert advice on this topic, then please do not hesitate to contact us and our team will be more than happy to oblige. 

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