Best Garden Machinery for Autumn 2021

19 October 2021

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It is that time of year again, summer has passed and autumn has arrived. The seasonal changes bring about different challenges and obstacles to overcome for keen gardeners around the country.

This article will walk through various tasks that are commonplace in gardens around autumnal time and the garden machinery required that will help you complete the work to a high-quality standard with minimum effort. 

1. Last Cut for Shrubs & Hedges 

The 2021 autumn season for the United Kingdom falls between 22nd September and 21st December. Whilst autumn is best known for the brightly coloured foliage that drops to the ground from trees and shrubs, the beginning of Autumn is a time where the last cut will be needed for shrubs and hedges. 

Tackling the shrubbery and hedges manually with a set of garden shears will be taxing, fatiguing and time consuming. Hence, the need for a garden power tool that does all the hard work for you and leaves it up to you to navigate the tool in order to produce the desired result. 

At Horace Fuller, we stock and supply a variety of hedge trimmers; cordless, electric, petrol, and long reach petrol hedge trimmers. Petrol models typically are favourable to users with larger gardens and thicker branches, however, the cordless variety are great for those who only have a few hedges that require small maintenance. For users living in busy residential areas, the electric models are popular due to their zero emissions. 

Discover the hedge trimmers for sale, including those from brand manufacturers such as Husqvarna, ECHO, Stiga and Mountfield. 

2. Clear Garden and Pathways of Leaves

As mentioned above, autumn in the UK is best known for the colourful leaves that cover the ground floor as trees and bushes shed themselves as a form of self-protection. Whilst this can look scenic walking through a public park on a sunny day, it can also lead to a cluttered and messy look in the garden. Most will want to clear their property of leaves and other debris, and the best way to do so is by using a leaf blower/vacuum. 

Depending on the user's preference, leaves can be blown into an area using a blower and then manually collected into a bag, alternatively a leaf blower with the vacuum feature will avoid the hassle of manual collection. At Horace Fuller, we stock and supply electric and petrol models, with the latter typically being the more powerful of the two, however the electric design provides a lighter feel for increased manoeuvrability and less noise. 

Discover our range including Husqvarna leaf blowers, as well as machines from ECHO, Mitox and Stiga. 

Autumn garden power tools

3. Trim Weeds and Other Foliage

After a summer of growth, a big tidy is often required. The hidden corners which every garden has are still growing with nettles, brambles and thick weeds. These areas of the garden are often the ones where your mower cannot reach, and calls for a different garden power tool like brushcutters & strimmers

The design and build of a brushcutter allows you to reach the difficult corners and cut back the foliage with the sharp, powered blade. Currently available at Horace Fuller is cordless, electric, petrol, petrol bent shaft strimmers & brushcutters. A curved shaft usually means a shorter shaft, resulting in a lighter and well-balanced feel which is beneficial for longer tasks. Straight-shaft strimmers are a bit more versatile, able to get beneath bushes and in and around flower beds with greater precision. 

We stock and supply models from various manufacturers such as Husqvarna, ECHO, Mitox and Stiga. 

4. Cut Wood Ahead of Winter

Those with log fires will know that the autumnal drop in temperature means it is time to prepare for the winter ahead with plenty of wood for the fire. No one will want to be out in the height of winter cutting wood, therefore it is best to one-step ahead and gather a supply of chopped wood. 

Make use of the latest garden technology with a state-of-the-art chainsaw to fly through a pile of wood with minimal effort, in contrast to using a regular axe. Horace Fuller stock and supply electric and petrol chainsaws, some models even featuring the top handle design for added precision. Petrol chainsaws are typically more powerful than their electric counterparts, with the latter emitting zero emissions and a lighter build. 

Discover our range of Husqvarna, Mitox, ECHO and Stiga chainsaws to find the perfect model for you. 

Chainsaws are a vital tool for the autumn season

Ensure you do not fall behind during the Autumn season with the numerous garden tasks discussed in this article by equipping yourselves with the correct garden machinery to not only get the job done well, but at an enjoyable and minimalist expense. 

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